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April 9, 2008

Internet Marketing

Went to an entrepreneur group meeting and the presentations were about Internet Marketing. More specifically, about what to do to have your website draw a lot of traffic and be useful and productive.

Presentation by Edith Yeung was very good. The time alloted for the talks were 15 minutes so the content was compressed. She said these are some of the things to do to better market your site on the net:

1) Make your site sticky. Meaning have things on your site that makes users want to stick around. Example, have a line on top to show where they are in the site with a back arrow so they can navigate back. In your content, put links to related articles or put links to your own business sites.

2) Generate keywords. Use Google Ad Words to get keyword ideas of your content.

3) Techie stuff: Use lot of relevant keywords in the title of the page. Use meaningful words in the URL of the pages, not just codes or numbers. Use MetaTags about 7 or 8 keywords. Use WordPress plugin Head-Meta.

4) Give it some love. Meaning submit what you write to sites that post your article and in there you put links to your own site. Use blogcarnival.com That way your site content is referred to by many places on the web.

5) Socialize. Power of community. Use stumbleupon.com. Use google analytics in the footer of your site and then find out where the traffic to your site is coming from.

6) Measure and Improve. Use Alexa.com to rate your website. Research your competition.

7) Content is King. If content is good you slowly buildup a fan base.

Edith Yeung who made this presentation is a consultant as well and available to provide professional help to achieve your marketing goals for your site. Her interest she said is to build niche social websites. She has a very high traffic site called SFEntrepreneur.com

Second presentation was by Mike Mataraza. He did a nice job in a few minutes he talked, to emphasis what to do right on your website home page. He said to consider these 3 things about your web site:

1) Stickiness

2) Eye Flow

3) Does your site answer these 4 main questions: Why Am I Here? Where Do I Look? Where Do I Go? and finally What Do I Do? He said if you have to explain why your site is the way it is, its not working for you. He gave an example of a crowded web home page that doesn’t trust the user to go deep. And an example of a well designed page that answers all the 4 questions.

Hope you enjoyed these notes. If you liked to find out more about the entrepreneur meeting I attended in San Francisco bay area, check out this meetup page for details of this group.


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