Mindsoul’s Weblog

March 14, 2008

Hello world!

I have entered the blog space. This is my first ever ever blog. For almost half a year have been looking for a blog site, even registered with zaadz and another site, but didn’t feel they are a good fit.

I have written my ‘blogs’ in my own personal desktop journal, and I look forward to sharing them here. They are mostly my inspirational ideas and epiphanies.

Now its late at night and am heading to bed. I’m excited to spend some time here in upcoming days and post my original content.

BTW, I always struggle first when I’m trying to come up with a username, and then take the easy way out and chose my initials and name. But this time, after a few tries, mindsoul was available for me.

MindSoul, meaning our mind and our soul (not necessarily in that order) , the two layers of our being that are most powerful and are at our disposal (if we’re conscious of it) to use to create our life and our legacy with it. More like to fulfill our higher purpose, to actualize our archetype, to develop to our full potential in this lifetime.


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